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Amazon Phishing Email

This email claims to be from Amazon - advising you that your account has been compromised.  But there several phishing "red flags" in here:

 - Look at the from address it is contstructed to look as if it orginated from Amazon but the "a" is missing (the from address is a clever "Trompe l’oeil" - designed to deceive your eyes

 - Amazon would know your name

 - Have you received this via email address you have registered with Amazon, if not how would they get it?

 - The link in the email does not point to an Amazon website - this is a complete giveaway that this is a  phishing scam

As always, ignore and report to your IT Department


We constantly monitor for new sources of end user cyber attacks and phishing techniques. Our threat intelligence updates, which are included in our end-user Cyber Security e-learning service, provide continuous notification of end-user cyber threats. Examples such as the Amazon phishing email above, are immediately advised to you via email so that you can keep your organisation aware of new threats as they occur. This ongoing process of education builds awareness and vigiliance throughout your organisation, creating a culture of cyber security awareness, maintaining your "human firewall".


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