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Your Business Continuity Plan

BCM-in-a-Day is a revolutionary approach to the delivery of Business Continuity (or Contingency) plans We aim to minimise classroom time by providing the tools to help you get the job done and enable your people to “learn as they do” – with an optional safety net of ongoing support.


We don't believe that having people sit through several days of lectures based on theory and concepts and sending them on their way with nothing more than a bunch of "Powerpoints" is good enough.


BCM-in-a-Day concentrates on practice, not theory, providing delegates with the practical knowledge they will need to design, develop and deploy business continuity capabilities within your organisation


BCM-in-a-Day gives you:

Knowledge: A one day training course covering the building blocks of a sound, robust business continuity plan and how to develop each stage of your plan.


Tools: Your people will have access to our on-line library of plan development templates to help them develop each component of your business continuity plan. Once the classroom-based training is complete they leave with access to our on-line library, giving them all the tools they will need to get the job done (not just a pile of PowerPoint slides).


Support: There is also the option for a support and mentoring service that will give access to our consultants for advice and guidance throughout the plan development process.  The support service allows your people to get help, advice and feedback whenever they need it.


Peace of Mind: The Business Continuity Framework that you establish will meet the needs of any supplier or third-party assessment


Flexibility: We have a schedule of courses at different locations in the UK or, if you prefer, we can deliver a course at your premises  at a date and time that suits you.  Our scedule of public courses can be foend here.  If you would like further information on a course delivered at your premises please use the contact form below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements



Although the cost of delivering a business continuity programme via BCM-in-a-Day is significantly lower than traditional approaches to training, the big benefit is in skills development and ownership.  Our approach develops the skills and capabilities of your people by providing an environment where they learn by doing with the option of an ongoing “safety net” of coaching, advice and feedback.   Our process not only delivers a comprehensive and effective plan, it transfers the knowledge and capability into your organisation so that you can keep the programme going with your own resources.


It costs nothing to talk to us - if you would like some further information or need to talk through your needs in more detail, please use the form below to contact us.