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Leading Innovation in Risk & Resilience Management

RiskCentric provide consultancy, managed services, automated management systems and risk awareness solutions for risk, compliance and business continuity management professionals.


Rapid Deployment of Management Systems

Awareness Management

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Our .Connected platform creates automated management systems from existing  content such as spreadsheets and documents allowing you to manage policy documents, assurance & testing activities and management reporting within a single, integrated platform.  And the best thing is, there is zero implementation effort - you can establish an automated system to manage your business continuity or information security programme in hours 

Our .Connected platform is designed to leverage existing content to avoid lengthy and protracted implementation exercises and remove any training requirement for end users


Ensuring that employees engage with awareness management intiatives and that the key concepts  "stick" in their minds is a constant challenge for risk and compliance professionals. Our awareness management solutions will transform the way in which staff engage with your awareness and education intiatives. 

KnowShows provide the capability to deliver education and awareness content throughout your organisation on a wide range of devices. Employees are no longer required to read through pages of bland text - KnowShows use high impact visuals and animations to increase retention of key concepts in less time.  We have number of KnowShows that are available "off the shelf" which can be customised to meet with your own corporate branding requirements. Alternatively we can help you to adapt your existing education and awareness content to incorporate KnowShow concepts, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Awareness Manager provides the capability to distribute education and awareness content to sepcified groups of users, tracks employee enagement and maintains  training records for all particpating employees.  Awareness Manager will operate with both your existing content and KnowShow.