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Phishing & Cyber Attacks


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Phishing & Cyber Attacks directed at end-users are considered to be the most likely - and effective - way of compromising an organisation's systems.  

Attendance on courses helps to establish the foundation of cyber security awareness, but sustaining awareness at the required level requires ongoing, positive support. A single delivery of training material will not build and develop the capability of your colleagues - this requires ongoing education and support to ensure that they remain vigilant and capable of identifying cyber threats.  Our mico-learning exercises provide the capability to keep everyone in your organisation aware of new threats, particularly those related to phishing and social engineering.  Our micro-learning does not involve hoodwinking or trapping users into clicking links on fake emails. They establish an environment where users can learn how to recognise current threats and scams in an interactive learning environment that builds their skills via positive support and guidance.

Micro-learning exercises are based on ongoing threat intelligence research: we constantly monitor for new sources of end user cyber-attacks and phishing techniques and then  an interactive learning experience to coach users through the red falgs of specific types of attack. (we can also develop these exercises to your own specification).  The exercises can be made available in a number of formats including SCORM for inclusion in your in-house learning management system

Our micro-learning content is available as an add-on service to our Cyber Security Awareness training course, or can be made available separately to augment your own existing content. 

The video below shows an example of our Cybersecurity awareness e-learning course. To receive a working example of a micro-learning exercise, please complete the form below.