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Tesco Phishing Email

A tempting one - but a phishing scam.

You could check this out by:

- Avoiding clicking the link and log on via a browser to check your account (if you really are entitled to the offer, you will no doubt see it there)

- Notice the penalty for not acting promptly, a typical email phishing scam technique 

The"unsubscribe" link looks bona fide but will land you in big trouble if you click on it. If the email looks suspicious, the unsubscribe link can't be trusted either.

Best thing to do with this is ignore it and then alert your IT security people so that they can let the rest of your colleagues know that there is a new phishing email around that will undoubtedly faciltate a cyber attack if any of the links are clicked on. 


We constantly monitor for new sources of end user cyber attacks and phishing techniques. Our threat intelligence updates, which are included in our end-user Cyber Security e-learning service, provide continuous notification of end-user cyber threats. Examples such as the Tesco phishing email above, are immediately advised to you via email so that you can keep your organisation aware of new threats as they occur. This ongoing process of education builds awareness and vigiliance throughout your organisation, creating a culture of cyber security awareness, maintaining your "human firewall".


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